Basic model and product features of PVC gloves

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Disposable PVC gloves are available in a variety of colors and are classified into the PVC Glove Powder category (in the process, a small amount of corn flour is attached to the glove to keep the surface of the sliding glove) and PVC-free gloves (in the process, play the same role);

Divided into, there are PVC gloves medical grade PVC gloves and industrial quality (the size of the needle between the target);

From the model is divided into XS, S, M, L, XL, long, thick, lying too thick and so on.

After the search, disposable PVC gloves are mainly distributed in the powder industry and powder-free medical grades S, M, L, XL, of which M and L are the main products.


1. weak acid and alkali;

2. Low ion content;

3. Good flexibility and touch;

4. Suitable for production processes such as semiconductors, liquid crystal displays and hard disks.

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