Labor protection gloves use environment

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Applicable environment for work gloves

First, gloves for live working

refers to the operator's electrical insulation when worn on the electrical equipment (or DC electrical equipment of the corresponding voltage level) with an AC voltage of 10 kV or less. An insulating glove. The product model, dimensions and technical requirements shall comply with the provisions of the General Technical Conditions for Insulating Gloves for Live Working.

Gloves must have good electrical insulation properties. At the same time, it also needs good tensile strength and elongation at break, as well as puncture resistance, aging resistance, flame resistance and low temperature resistance.

Second, acid and alkali resistant gloves

is a protective product for the prevention of acid and alkali damage to the hands, the quality of which should comply with the "acid (alkali) gloves" regulations. Gloves are not allowed to have defects such as blooming, brittleness, stickiness and breakage. The non-leakage of the glove means that it must be airtight, and under certain pressure, no air leakage occurs.

This kind of gloves can be divided into rubber acid and alkali resistant gloves, latex acid and alkali resistant gloves, plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, dip plastic acid and alkali resistant gloves, etc. according to the material.

Waterproof gloves and anti-virus gloves can be replaced with acid-resistant gloves.

Three, oil resistant gloves

These products are made of materials such as nitrile rubber, chloroprene or polyurethane to protect the skin of the hands from various skin diseases caused by oily substances. Such as acute dermatitis, acne, folliculitis, dry skin, chapped, pigmentation and nail changes.

four, welder gloves

Personal protective equipment to protect against high temperatures, molten metal, and sparks during welding. Made of cow, pig leather or two-layer leather, it is divided into two-finger, three-finger and five-finger according to the finger type. Welder gloves have strict appearance requirements. The first grade requires the leather body to be even and thick, full and soft and elastic. The leather surface is fine, uniform, firm, and the color is uniform and without greasy feeling. Second-class products: the leather body lacks fullness and elasticity, the leather surface is rough, and the color is slightly dark.

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