Common occupational disease types and protection programs

DATA£º2019-01-11 14:08:45

At present, the vast majority of exposure to occupational diseases is migrant workers. In our country, all diseases caused by exposure to dust, radioactive substances, toxic and harmful substances are called occupational diseases. In China, the occupational disease types are divided into 10 categories and 115 diseases. These include: pneumoconiosis, occupational poisoning, occupational diseases caused by physical factors, occupational radiation diseases, occupational diseases caused by biological factors, occupational skin diseases, occupational eye diseases, occupational ENT diseases, occupational tumors and other occupational diseases.

The top three occupational diseases are headed by pneumoconiosis, accounting for more than 90%, and the proportion is increasing year by year, followed by chronic poisoning and acute poisoning caused by various harmful substances, followed by occupational diseases caused by physical factors. . How do we do personal security protection against the above three types of occupational diseases?


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